Set Up

Order Page Model

If you installed Merx with git submodule or composer you have to create your own Order Page Model. Just create site/models/order.php and extend the OrderPageAbstract. Afterwards you are ready to use the Order Page Model for the checkout validation


class OrderPage extends OrderPageAbstract {};


If you want to use Stripe and/or PayPal you need to set the respective keys. Read the Stripe and PayPal documentation on how to get the keys.


return [
  'ww.merx.stripe.test.publishable_key' => 'pk_test_xxx…',
  'ww.merx.stripe.test.secret_key' => 'sk_test_xxx…',
  '' => 'pk_live_xxx…',
  '' => 'sk_live_xxx…',
  'ww.merx.paypal.sandbox.clientID' => 'xxx…',
  'ww.merx.paypal.sandbox.secret' => 'xxx…',
  '' => 'xxx…',
  '' => 'xxx…',